A year from 2012

2012–the year I’d turn 22; the year Jason would have to tiptoe through quarterlife crisis; the year I’d probably haul ass to some foreign country, digesting their culture a la “Eat, Pray, Love” but without the inappropriately customary foreign love affair; heck, it may even be the year when we’re all wiped off the face of the earth–unless we have a few billion dollars to spare for a space in some silly ol’ armageddon-proof submarine.

It’s 2010 but we’re already talking about  something exactly 368 days away. Are we really that advanced? Thanks to our prophetic Mayan brothers, it’s a special year all right, but why worry about the supposed year of doom when it’s so far off? Is it really fair to sidestep 2011 just because we’re so morbidly involved in our own mass demise? No! I’d like to think I’m much more optimistic than that. In the interest in life, I thereby dedicate this post to pure 2011 madness!

I looked through my archives and found only five, count them, FIVE posts for December (this is the sixth). Terrible, and here I am pretending to be so prolific. I don’t actually know what I’ve been so busy about–it’s probably my newfound first love, iPidPad–but I probably was to be able to keep from my blog. Anyway, I’m here now.And, at my lack of so-called wit, I merely present a list of new year’s resolutions for my 2011 ode entry.

1. To forgive. I don’t, how un-Christian of me. But then I was always so terrible at Religion class; I stop at Bible stories. But because I believe in the Confucian “do unto others what you would like others to do unto you,” it’s time to actually forgive AND forget. Let bygones be bygones! So to Cruel Materialist, Mexican Actor and whoever else, I forgive you.

2. To read more. I’ve sorely neglected my real real love for other things that are far less educational and enlightening. Let’s go back to Kindergarten, shall we? When we were all being brainwashed that Books Are Our Friends. They are.

3. Eat healthy. The Piattos and Cheetos addiction is not a good thing.

4. Be more patient. Seriously? This has been on my resolution list since I learned what “resolution” meant. I firmly believe that it’s being growing an inch every year since then. Still a long way but I’m on my way!

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