The start of my day

When I woke up this morning, I knew it was going to be one hell of a day. I woke up 10 minutes past my normal waking time to a text message saying that it’s going to be a 48-hour workday today. There goes my hopes of going home tonight. Next,  those stupid Christmas lanes are backfiring! They are making holiday traffic much worse than it was in previous years. And third, I just felt even lazier than usual and with no milk tea, I couldn’t muster the energy to even just.. move.

But as I was driving to work, thinking of nothing but the ordinary day ahead, I looked over to the motorcycle on my left. Now, I hate motorcycles, the menace of the roads–they swerve, they squeeze, they annoy–but this one was different. Suffice to say, that motorcycle on my left made my day; the road to a fail-safe cure to boredom and routine starts by turning my head to the left.

See, on that red motorcycle ON MY LEFT was a guy. He was driving while a girl hugged him from the passenger seat. They were both wearing helmets.As I tried to drive past this seemingly normal scene, I saw, right in front of the guy, on his lap, was a dog. A DOG ON A MOTORCYCLE! If it still falls under your “usual” category, let me tell you, this was no Chihuahua! It was huge dog, probably a young Great Dane, roughly the size of Marmaduke, sitting comfortably on the guy’s lap and wearing a matching red helmet. The guy was driving at a relatively impressive pace, even with that heavy baggage and probably an impaired vision. It was so adorable. I wish I could’ve taken a photo.

A giant dog on a normal motorcyle, you don’t see one of those along EDSA everyday.

-In other news-

I’ve been sleeping at dawn for the past week because of… Jason’s gift! As much as I’d like to say stress or bills or problems have been keeping me up, really, I’m not that grown-up yet. I’ve actually succeeded in scratching the newly plastic-covered screen because I’m such a manic Vegetable Samurai and Fruit Ninja. I think I’m starting to rub my finger prints off and it’s only been what, eight days? Hahaha. I might not have any fingers left before his year ends.

In case you’re wondering why Jason gave this precious gift so early into the holiday, well, he’s really impatient but more importantly, I accidentally guessed it, eliminating any element of surprise.

We were working on our Christmas shoot costumes last last Monday (Dec. 13) when Jason told me he was so excited about his gift for me. Curious, I kept prodding him about it, especially since he already gave a subtle hint. Eventually, he gave in and told me a telling clue: IT WAS FLAT. Since Jason bought his giant flat screen TV a few days before, my immediate answer was a TV but he bluntly denied it. Ten minutes after he left my house, I texted him, purely for joke purposes, “Jason, thank you thank you thank you! I will take really good care of that iPad!’ He immediately called me a minute later demanding how I found out. When I told him I was just kidding, he replied that he was just playing along. But when he drove me to work the next day, he handed me one. Aw. Hahaha. I lurbe it so much! I had my gift bought from the US so if all goes well, it’ll be here by early January (just in time for our anniversary and his birthday). I hope he likes it. Hahaha.

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