The lowlights!

I’ve been a busy working bee the past few days. Work, work, work, off to career-woman-hood!

Fortunately, due to inherent awesome time management skills, I was able to squeeze some fun in between (and during) work! And since I am a lazy lazy blogger, let me say: if words take too long, life is second-best explained through photos.

Ayala Garden Triangles.

Christmas is only as festive as how it looks at night. Sure you can put up a Christmas tree or throw in some tinsel all over your garden but in sunlight, it’s all just a little silly (the exception is, of course, Christmas morning when there are ACTUAL presents under the tree). At night though, when all the colorful lights are lit, my Christmas spirit goes on hyper-mode.

My friend Irene wrote about Ayala Triangle Gardens and it’s “Avatar”/”Alice in Wonderland”-inspired lights show and I instantly told Jason that I wanted to go. More than my child-like appreciation for Christmas lights, I wondered how Voltaire de Jesus was able to combine blue giants and Johnny Depp in a lights-and-sound show. (I don’t think he was able to follow his peg, though.) The show goes on everyday from 6 pm to 8 pm for seven minutes every half hour. I loved it, even though I found the white lights haphazardly thrown over the branches to look like bright cobwebs.After watching, we went to eat at Wee Nam Kee, famous for its “authentic” Hainanese chicken. I don’t know about you but… it tasted like any other tasteless steamed chicken I’ve tried. How hard is it to “authenticate” steaming?

(A little background on the photo-: it’s a dog’s perspective. Jason made a makeshift tripod using our bags and jackets. I wanted to ask someone to take the photo a la abroad style but Jason was insistent. He took so long fixing his settings that I grew nervous. Every second he takes is another second for opportunistic thieves to come up with a clean run and getaway strategy. In the end, he heeded to my advice and we asked the maintenance men to take the shot. I used this one because it added to the worthwhile-ness of the whole trip!)


What A Girl Wants fashion show (photo stolen from Roch Vergara)

One morning, I groggily woke up to a text message. Annoyed at the disturbance, I woke up in a bolt! It was one of our editors assigning me to a fashion show in Cebu. Excitement and nerves took over. It was my first out-of-town-as-in-riding-an-airplane assignment! WAGW is a fashion brand for stylish young males and females. Kryz (second from the left) is actually my batchmate from Ateneo and it was good seeing and talking to her (and her sisters). We all held our breaths together for the lovely trio–the open fashion show got rained out. Thankfully, it stopped just in time.

Not only was it my first trip for coverage–it’s also my first trip alone ever! I never bother with flight and booking details. All I do is push my own trolley and follow my mother/Riza/mother/Riza and occasionally ask for a food-stop. Jason was a big help, as always. Also, this was my first fashion story ever. People always misconstrue me to be like super-excited-jump-up-and-down into fashion. I like it, it’s cool but really? I can’t even differentiate satin from silk, velvet and velour. Momo, helpful as she is, taught me the basics. We had to do a crash course on fashion and trends on the days leading up to the show. Fortunately (and I am quite lucky), I learned I was going to Cebu with some of my Candy eds/friends! And the rest of the “media” from Preview, Cosmo and Chalk were really nice and helpful. πŸ˜€


And to cap this whole entry off, CEBU LECHON! I actually wanted to post the chicharon bulaklak photo but I’m too bug a bum to look for it in my mail. This was the one point in my entire trip where I was so glad Jason wasn’t there! No one to hover over me, scaring and telling the dangers of chicharon and fat and oil! It wasn’t the cheapest roasted pork in the world, but it’s certainly one of the yummiest ever!

Thank you so much to WAGW for making this short trip really fun!


If there are any typos, tell me! I don’t have time to reread. HAHA

6 responses to “The lowlights!

  1. I went to Ayala Triangle Gardens a few weeks back with Faye and Jasper a few weeks back! The lights were pretty, and in fairness, daming people!

    OMG WAGW! I am waiting for them to have a store here in Manila, hahaha.

  2. Hi! So glad you liked cebu! πŸ™‚ I missed the WAGW event but I’m pretty sure everyone’s blogs and photos covered much what I need to see πŸ™‚

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