Bye Facebook

I absolutely hate Facebook. ABSOLUTELY. I thank it for reminding me that it’s xxx’s birthday or that xxxx has a party but the compulsion to constantly open, check, recheck, sign out, then log in again is infuriating. It’s no wonder our generation is so helpless–we constantly rely on these “aids” to do things for us, we can’t do anything by ourselves anymore.

I opened my Facebook back in December 2008, when a lot of people had it but it couldn’t eclipse Multiply yet. I didn’t pioneer FB in the Philippines but at least I wasn’t too late either. Even then I barely used it but then I barely its forefathers, Friendster, Multiply and MySpace (whut) too. The only site I did like was Twitter (which I had before my FB) but now it too has lost its initial fun.

Back to Facebook, I began using it often only last summer just to play Pet Society everyday. I ignored my pokes, my wall posts; I had no idea what notifications were. I would log in every morning, hug each of my pet-friends to earn money, shop for my little baby Spartacvs, log out then do the same thing all over again before bed. It was a welcome distraction much needed last last May.

When school started, I realized I had a life and friends outside my laptop. Who needs FB? Normalcy, I welcome it.

Since work started, I realized that I have nothing better to do than Facebook. Reading blogs can only thrill me so much whereas the amount of entertainment in FB is endless. Every day, every hour, I’d check, refresh my account from 2 pm to the wee hours of the next day. Believe me, I exercised control; I tried to self-rehab. FB has an option to deactivate the account. Unfortunately, this is ridiculously useless. Reactivation is only as difficult as signing back in. There aren’t any painful obstacles that might actually repel me from coming back.

I’ve actually cut back. Recently, I’ve been checking FB only once a day for about an hour, greeting people and checking notifications (yes, I now know what this means) but it’s not enough. I don’t like the feeling of using something I never really liked in the first place.

So, following a trick my friend Anne did a few weeks ago (Riza also tried this last month), I had someone (Anne) change my password. Even if I wanted to, there’s no way I’d know which password she chose–there are billions of words in the dictionary, gazillions of possible letter-letter, letter-number, letter-number-symbol combinations.

Cheers! I can find a million and one things to do instead of slaving away on a blue and white page which passes as a pathetic excuse to “connect” with people instead of actually facing/meeting them directly. Now isn’t that just sad? I’m just sorry that I won’t be able to say Happy Birthday to some of my friends but I am terribly relieved that I’m free from the annoying hey-look-at-me-I’m-alive, hey-look-at-me-my-life-is-awesome-are-you-jealous, hey-im-mundane commentary that floods my already filtered Top Posts home page. I’ll find a different way to greet–something that actually requires effort and thought.


On a distantly related note,

I loved “Social Network.”

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