Can you say WHAT A WEEKEND?!

I like my job… but what prevents me from truly loving it is how it kills my Fridays. Back in college, I’d set aside Friday as my solitary night off; the rest of the weekend would be devoted to rest, reading (non-academic material–advanced reading misses the point of teachers), and catching up on sleep. Unfortunately, I had no choice but to let go of this cushy routine. So, while others go about with their Friday barkada dinners and inuman sessions, I patiently read my assigned pages til the wee hours of Saturday, with only the thought of a smooth ride home to console me. That’s okay, it’s still the best learning experience.

Last weekend though, I took a leave from work to go to an annual trip. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel at the last-minute. I was really down but was advised not to cancel my leave since much-needed bonding and RnR doesn’t have to be in a faraway place. We improvised!

In the interest of breaking the monotony of three posts without photos, here! A quick photo-recap:

My sister is a sorta-events-organizer so she gladly took to planning my cousin’s baby shower. Location: Burgoo, Power Plant Mall.

From top left: Achi posing with her handmade decorations in the dessert area; customary mirror shot; the onesie contest–Jason and my onesie was too awesome it had to be pulled out of the competition; me cheering Sachi and Ross on for the Gerber-feeding contest (YACK); Achi Nina with Siags and me–Achi Nins took extra time to fix my face in the tiny Burgoo bathroom for the wedding I had to attend after; another customary shot; Ahya Tristan in the sippy-cup-laklakan contest; the parents-to-be, Achi Jane and Ahya Erwin; Sachi hard at work at their onesie, Ross looking on.

One reason I love weddings so much is that during Religion class, it was the only sacrament that interested me; I mean, it’s beautiful, terribly romantic, a family reunion in all sorts all rolled together. Ano ba ang edge ng Confirmation? At least in Communion, ahem, Holy Eucharist, nabubusog pa… If I was only more religious, I wouldn’t have bad puns like these.

Anyway, it was an amazing pink-and-silver celebration–I’ve never seen a happier, more determined pair in the almost 10 weddings I’ve attended plus the gown was… exquisite, to say the least. I’ve always imagined myself getting married (it was in my top 3 childhood dreams, right behind being a window cleaner), having been exposed to so many weddings (oo, favorite flower girl ako, noh) as a kid. Attending weddings always makes me think about the kind I’ll have one day (a day far far away). Everything is still fuzzy but one thing’s for sure: from the experience of my cousin and sister, I will not invite people I do not know. 😐 I don’t want to look over my wedding photos when I’m 50 wondering who the people I’m posing with per table are.

We had to content ourselves with my digital camera since Jason left his memory card again… and after lugging his bulky SLR and tripod all the way to Subic at that! We went to Camayan which was not only convenient and cheap, it also allowed use of their beach without necessary checking in (moralidad!). Unfortunately, my incessant photographing of the food I keep eating at work left the camera practically drained. Fortunately though (yes, there’s always the bright side!), Camayan is near so we can always come back and relive this… maybe even Bellarocca when we’re feeling a little… generous.

For our first official, consensual, public date back in Oct. 24, 2009 (everything before that was a blur of YMs, UAAP, accidental breakfasts together, texts and rides home), Jason took me ice-skating. So, gliding only so ungracefully on the ice is a tad sentimental. This time we took some of my friends–Riza, Chesca, Sachi and Ross for some ice-time (hockey player? haha) and a movie in MOA. Then, for the best part of the day, they took us to this dampa… really small and non-descript squished between similar-looking restaurants. Had Ches and Riz not known exactly where it was, I would’ve missed it completely, settling myself in the first dampa I see. IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. Ridiculously cheap and fresh, we ate so much and I finished everything, another first since I’m usually the first to give up stuffing ourselves. 😀 😀


We spent Tuesday buying materials for my Christmas costume, making it, studying and eating in Jason’s house. I had to carefully exercise control since Jason gets distracted with even the slightest peck of a noise. So there I was on the floor with my foil and tape and scissors, a silent silent worker.

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