Let me tell you something about… me

I detest emotion-driven writing. I, for one, think it’s nothing but incoherent gibbering word vomit used by the desperate. The best writers in the world arguably use emotion to create grand masterpieces but to clarify, they use it as stimulus or inspiration and not to fuel the composition entirely.

So really, even if I’m seething right now, I’m pulling out every source of restraint (sa sobrang mental-hatak na to, napapagod na ako physically) just so I won’t drop an emotional bomb right here.

Now, to you who knows absolutely nothing about me… that’s just it, YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING. But because you’re that interested, let me enlighten you. I’m a little flattered na medyo malaki ata yung papel ko sa buhay mo; nalungkot naman ako that I don’t respond with the same courtesy. 😦 If you’re high-maintenance, well and good; I’ve tried it and I’ve discovered one too many times that it’s just not for me. So walang pakialaman ng buhay. I study, I work, I write–see, when you’re neck-deep in murders, inflation and coal miners trapped in some South American country, makeup, clothes, shoes, and Chanel are the furthest things in your mind. I can’t exactly walk into a police precinct all dolled up now, can I? So yaya na kung yaya. Marunong lang naman ako manglugar eh. Of course I’ll come to a party in my stilettos, silly! Don’t be too quick to judge kasi! Masyado ka naman na-excite!

So please, I really hate clarifying this whole non-issue of me and my lack of natural care for my physical appearance (and I hate having to explain myself to people who don’t deserve it). I have so many entries about this already, I’m starting to become redundant. I move to close this issue once and for all so we can finally move on with… your life (di kasi tumigil yung life ko e). Yaya na kung yaya, di naman ako yung yaya mo eh so what’s the problem? I’m sure you know what closure is… and the fact that it doesn’t exist.


Dumb quotes annoy me. WordPress doesn’t have an option for curly/smart quotes. 😦

3 responses to “Let me tell you something about… me

  1. Okay – you did not tell me this story but someone (and I don’t need to say who) told me about it. First of all, I did not read your entire entry but I’m guessing whoever this person is might be tracking this, my sister’s, blog.

    All I can say is, ang haba ng hair mo Siob. Let me put it this way, my sister is beautiful (next to me of course!) Though she does tend to not spend so much time putting herself together (for which we always criticize her). But YOU (and you know who you are) have no right to that. You’re just showing what a hypocrite and a bitter person you are – have a little self-respect. Don’t pine for someone who has moved on with someone else. You’re making out like Glen Close in Fatal Attraction.

    It’s better to look like a yaya when you’re not making yourself up. It’s a little different if you STILL look like a yaya even when you are!

    And yes, I am a war freak. When it comes to people who are close to me, I tend to put my nose in it. So shut up unless you can say your comments to our face, you backstabbing biyatch.

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