Jason and I bought our first lottery ticket last Tuesday, betting 25 pesos for the 295-million pot. Well, we didn’t win, unfortunately. God has something much bigger and better planned for us so long as we wait here patiently (but NOT passively!).

I already have plans for those 295-million big smackeroos:

1. Beat the pulp out of Jason for a fair share. Admittedly, he paid for the ticket but it was my pen and I chose half the numbers, thereby half the luck!.

2. Buy a huge, roomy, free-standing loft to grow old in. Everything is better with clean, open spaces. You can run to a far corner from people who annoy you, you can treat your den as a dance studio…. ohh and wooden floors, so shinyyyyy.

3. Study. Oh God, study. I will study again. Lottery jackpot or not, I will eat a teaspoon of rice everyday just to save up for this dream. I plan to do this by myself since I don’t want to burden anyone else, ie, mama. Sabi nga ni Jason, sipag at tiyaga.

4. Get that flat screen Jason’s been drooling after. Every time we’re in a mall, I get dragged into every techie/appliance center just to canvas prices. Well, the canvasing is done!

5. Give a significant portion of our win to our parents so they can retire to Boca Raton in comfort and sunshine.

6. Invest. Errr… Jason? A little help here?

7. Travel! To Europe and Canada and Abu Dhabi! I can feel the hot flash already (to understand this joke, please review Sex and the City 2)!

Next week better be a winner.

We wanted to use our siamese twins costume, our months-old lollipop and my face crayons, hence, conjoined candy alien-monsters! Props for resourcefulness!

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