Candy Girl (“,)

I admit, I haven’t read this magazine in ages… I also admit that I read (as in past tense) it and still do occasionally. Yes, I know, four years past its target market and still oohing and aahing at the shiny pages. My mom stopped buying Candy regularly last year after my contract expired. That’s not really a good excuse, I know, but since then, I haven’t been reading it as often as I used to. 😦

When I arrived at work this afternoon, surprise surprise! I saw the Candy Council of Cool (COC) 10 mini-mag on my desk. The bigger surprise was that it’s my favorite blockmate and thesis-partner-in-crime, Je (I can’t get used to calling her Jessica) on the cover! I love it! I think it’s about time people acknowledge her awesomeness.

Looking at the familiar candy-pink title, the pink-and-purple cover, that yellow COC logo, it brought back so many memories during my own time (COC 9) and the girls I’ve made lifelong friends with two years ago. See, I usually write hard stuff–news, deaths–and writing for Candy was really refreshing. I grew up reading this magazine (my oldest issue dates as far back as Carissa Francisco on the cover) as a bible, without giving  other “t(w)een” mags an inch of a chance. And contrary to what a lot of I-am-better-than-everyone cynics think, it’s not just about pa-girly-han or boys. I have enough Candy magazines to wallpaper an entire house yet I still don’t know how to wear makeup and how to dress for my body type.  What I got from it was definitely way more than that. You get what you want and what I wanted was something more. Candy taught me about growing pains and how to handle them, about becoming true to my crazy self, about friendship–the ones that last and the ones you need to let go.

Back then, miles and miles away, I flipped through Candy’s pages in Bicol, never imagining that I’d come as close as to actually writing for it. Dream come true. My hard-news friends are probably cringing right now but seriously, and as this blog would prove, I have my light moments.I need those light, happy moments.

I found out that I got in after Ateneo won the UAAP basketball championship back in October 2008. I was ecstatic–post-game euphoria plus I never actually thought I’d be part of, what I’d come to discover, a wonderful group. My news background had always been against me when I volunteer to write lifestyle, feature-y articles. And as the months passed, my thoughts had been confirmed–it wasn’t as easy switching from news to light-hearted pieces. Fortunately, my luck hadn’t run out yet; my Council-mates and eds were always game to guide me through unfamiliar places (ie, fashion, makeup). What I believed were only my once-a-month pals blossomed to what my other friend would call “friend-friend.”

I still have random bits of memory from my COC days: the amazingly fun editors; how Mari would talk my ear off during our cab rides to Pioneer; CJ, Gaby and I would rant and swoon over our boyfriends; Dyan would keep talking about food; Katya and her random bursts of Japanese; Mika and her crushes (and adding them on Facebook); Ding and her mom’s baclava and tacos; and who can forget Aura arriving at a meeting all dolled up for a debut immediately after?

I got this from an old post last year. I have biceps! haha


I haven’t seen these girls in forever (except Mari). It took me this entry to realize that that was two long years ago. It feels like last week when we were swooning over Robi Domingo, blogging like crazy, fixing shoots, and interviewing The Bloomfields. I’d like to believe that the bond we shared for one year (doesn’t that seem long?) will withstand forever.


I still feel bad that I couldn’t get out of work to go to the fair. 😦 I ate a lot of French fries last year.

Note to self: Buy Candy… and not just the ones you give away on Halloween.


COC9 mini-mag cover shoot! I wasn't here. 😦

4 responses to “Candy Girl (“,)

  1. “Mika and her crushes (and adding them on Facebook)”
    – this really made me laugh! i have to admit, if i had “real life” crushes until now, i still would’ve done the same! haha!

    gosh, you’re right. 2 years? i can’t believe it has been TWO YEARS!!! 😐 reunion na ‘to!

  2. Nice entry, Sasha! I’m glad you enjoyed the COC experience. Ako rin, I’ve been working for Candy for 5 years and still don’t know how to put on makeup very well! Haha! 🙂

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