First Love!!!

I seriously need to fix my sleeping habits.

Because I’m not the least bit tired, I decided to do a little project. Remember a while back when I said I’d post a photo of Jason’s first girlfriend? Well, I totally forgot about that, sorry if I failed to satisfy your request fast enough, Mr. John Dee (who has been very patient, thankfully). Since I don’t like keeping my “readers” (family plus that one John Dee) disgruntled and with Jason’s blessing, here. To a John Dee, hope it keeps you entertained until you see another post that catches your fancy. 😀

You notice in this picture that that’s a young Jason with his arm around some mermaid, BUT

Upon closer inspection, that’s actually… me. I’m not even really sure if Jason realized it then.

This might be the perfect time to reveal that I was, in fact, a mermaid. When I was 15, I was finally allowed to swim to the surface of the ocean just to have a glimpse of the world overwater. I was so entranced by Jason, the first human I saw, that after my little trip, I swam straight to the cunning Sea Witch and begged her to give me the legs that would allow me to be with Jason forever. (For mermaids interested in a set of stems, the current price is voice for a sturdy, relatively nice pair. If you don’t have the nicest voice in the Deep, the Sea Witch also offers sword-stabbingly painful legs for whatever voice you have.) Because I chose to stay on land, I lost my naturally beautiful mermaid voice, causing me to lose my ability to sing. Even my normal speaking voice began to sound like nails on a chalkboard. I also forgot how to swim. Oh well, Jason always says life is a tradeoff.


If you find yourself wondering whether this happened to Disney’s Ariel, please refer to Hans Christian Andersen’s original tale, “The Little Mermaid.” 😀

6 responses to “First Love!!!

  1. Forgetting your swimming ability is no problem! Observe the life saver of a mid section this young me has!

  2. HAHAHA. How old was this again?

  3. First year high school haha

  4. HAHAHAHA OMG this cracked me up! :))

    • I’m super red in the photo! hahaha! I wanted to even out the color a bit but it’s so pixelated that I had a hard time so I stopped trying to change it na. Hahahaa

  5. HAHAHA this is too cute! 🙂

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