Hello, friend!


An incredibly rare smiling shot by James Magalong


This is my best friend. His name is Jason. He is a chubby, five-year-old crybaby trapped in a 23-year-old formerly skinny but now sexy body. He likes food, and not just because eating is necessary for survival, but because he likes something to fill his soft round belly. He also likes Apples, the bigger, shinier, and newer, the better.

Jason has tiny, slanted eyes that are slightly droopy. It tells of a man who likes his sleep–probably more than the average requirement. His nose literally sticks up, away from his face, giving him a stench of snootiness. Hence, he is often confused as being stuck up, a mistake eventually clarified after spending a day with him (and only if he got a good night’s rest). Jason also has a small mouth which only proves that he doesn’t exercise it very often. Only when he has to.

Jason likes pointy things–his hair is styled pointing towards the heavens (making him a few inches closer to God), his nose is enviably pointed in the proper angles, and he buys pointy shoes that are still downright manly. All this points  (see the pun?) to a certain sharpness about him. He has keen observation skills when he wants to–usually when it involves finance or photography. He’s also very direct and does not waste his already very few words dilly-dallying (see section on Small Mouth).

My favorite part about Jason is his hands. From afar, they look soft–almost feminine. This is a man who’s so gentle he can’t even hurt the tiniest insects mainly because he’s afraid of them. But behind that pampered-child exterior, they’re big and rough because he knows what hard work is like. He does that every single day. Jason has big feet–he likes leaving his footsteps wherever he goes. He puts his mark everywhere like a doggie. His big feet are supported by thick legs (thrice as big as mine). They don’t really mean anything, except that I like poking fun.

Jason’s appearance is almost a direct reference to him. Almost. Beyond the heartbreakingly good-looking exterior is unexplained passion, discipline, courage, fun, and most importantly, love. Simply and excruciatingly, he never fails at that.

Yep, that’s Posa down to a tee.

I love you! 😀 You have nothing to worry about.

One response to “Hello, friend!

  1. Awwwwww. You’re so sweet tlga hahaha. I love youu.

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