My world is tilted

While waiting for Jason outside his office building yesterday, I caught sight of my reflection on a glass panel and I noticed that I was eerily leaning forward despite standing still. This caused me to be slightly alarmed–was this some sort of Shutter thing where a disgruntled ghost was silently haunting me and inconspicuously pushing me forward? Was this a variant of scoliosis or some other defect that my argus mother failed to point out?

It took me a full five minutes of pure staring (easily mistaken as vanity) before I realized that I was standing on a slightly inclined pavement. Phew. I didn’t need to add another item to my already long list of idiosyncrasies. Exhibits A to F:

a. I drink water from a glass… glass. In my world, mugs, teacups, bowls, and plastic cups are for ice cream, tea, and coffee. Water is meant for glass glasses and clear plastic bottles and nothing else. This strange habit actually compelled me to “borrow” a clear glass from the office pantry, hide it from the maintenance men every evening so I wouldn’t have to go through the same sneaky process everyday. It’s not something I can’t live not doing. I can force myself to drink water from a

Sometimes I walk like this too.

mug… but it like forcing the wrong shoes on the wrong feet. Kaartehan I know, but we all have one of those. So excuse me for having this as mine. 😀

-related oddity: I can’t drink water through a straw either.

b. I eat one item at a time. If I have a variety of food on my plate, I eat them one by one in some sort of pre-arranged chronology. Veggies first, then meat, then chicken. I also have to eat everything first before I take even a swig of water.My friend Stephanie was actually the first person to take note of this back in high school.

c. I can unhinge both my shoulders at will–something my sister and I discovered when I was carrying particularly heavy shopping bags in Topshop and I observed that my shoulders looked different from everyone else.

-related oddity: I have a protruding bone in my right wrist and I can crack at least 20 joints in my body (even my shoulders)

d. I associate Christmas with six-wheeled trucks.

e. I have an aversion to pants. Jeans make me feel that I have ants crawling through my body and I can’t get them out due to the constraints of the clothing.

f. I have a fear of rust.When I lost my first tooth and I was laughing so hard, my mom told me that germs might enter the empty gap and give me tetanus. She said one of my grandfathers acquired tetanus that way. I asked her what other items caused tetanus and she answered rust. As a kid, tetanus was my cancer, and I’ve been scared of those orangey powdery infestations ever since.

-related oddity: carrots taste like rust for me. Don’t ask me how I know what rust tastes like–once we’ve smelled something, we automatically get a teeny taste of it. Besides, sometimes the water from Nawasa or Manila Waters, etc, have this icky metallic, rusty flavor from the pipes. Where’s the sanitation, people?


I know I have a whole lot more lurking in my mind right now but I’ll leave it to these eight first just so you wouldn’t think I’m some sort of insane oddball. Weirdo, much?

One response to “My world is tilted

  1. My ears aren’t pantay. All my glasses look a tad bit lopsided on me. 😦

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