Memory Log No. 1

My good friend Riza credits me as having a “fascinating” memory. Okay, word choice was mine, but I’m sure she was thinking along the same lines. 😀 Anyway, for some unexplained reason, I’m terrible at memorizing chemical and mathematical formulas (check my math grades if you don’t believe me). The whole cosine-sine-tangent thing baffles me, even and if it weren’t for the soa coa thing, I probably would’ve failed. My brain, however, has wired itself into remembering random moments of my history, even stuff that happened to me as a toddler. It’s insane. I can’t do it at will. Usually, it’s triggered by some crazy experience.

Kinder 1 Foundation Anniversary. I was supposed to ride the float but I took the car instead. Cathy Añonuevo, Allie Principe, Me, (Forgot her name but her older sister's name is Donna), Background: Niel Dela Cruz, Kenneth Molave, and Steven Cheng

I admit the memories aren’t always as exciting as the sheep that was set loose in my Kindergarten 2-Magnolia classroom (yes, that happened), My recollections vary from the thrilling made-for-tv moments to the desperately mundane. One random day that same year, Chesca and I left the classroom without our teacher’s consent to buy two glasses of Coca-Cola for only five pesos. I’m not sure which was more amazing, the fact that I remember or the incredibly cheap bargain.

Back in third grade under Mme Salazar’s English class, our class was divided into our rows. Each group had to perform “Jack and The Beanstalk.” My group, under my not-so-humble leadership (I was a bossy kid, I admit it), won every prize including Best Performance, Best Jack (Mark Vidola), Best Director (moi), and Best in Props and Costume (mama and her employees). Unfortunately Agnes Apolonio from row 4 won Best Fairy and Adonis Cecilio from row 3 won Best Giant. I swear on dirty needles that I’m not making this up.

So, Riza, with her failed aspirations as a scientist, told me to document my outbursts from memory lane–from the boring to the downright ridonculous. True to my word, I will take down every random piece of Sasha history that pops to my head with any available writing material I have at the moment (yes, I’m willing to write on my skin), then re-type it on this blog for everyone’s enjoyment.

Memories are amazingly therapeutic–the perfect remedy when the present starts getting overwhelming. In my case, I find it particularly calming. It’s like going to a fantasy land only you’re sure it’s real. . I wouldn’t want to keep that for myself.

2 responses to “Memory Log No. 1

  1. OMG I don’t remember the Jack in the Beanstalk thing! I wonder who were my groupmates? Ang aram ko dai ata kita magka-row?

    Was it a sheep or a goat? My memory fails me HAHAHA.

    • I forgot to credit you (or your mom or Benny) for the photo! Hahahaha! I think you were in Row 3 with Nikki? You weren’t my row-mate. I remember Mark was Jack, Darlene was the fairy, Henry was the giant, Kim was the widow. I think we had a cow also. Hahaha

      Precisely why I’m logging memories! hahaha it was grimy old sheep!

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