Something serious

Yesterday I shut my computer off feeling guilty that I haven’t been contributing anything “meaningful” in cyberspace. After all, my blog has mostly been a haphazard documentation of 1) the things I like (stuff to remember/ of value) and 2) things I hate (for future reference). In the one year I’ve kept this blog, there are less than a handful musing entries have been published; I purposely tried to keep it light amid the seriousness of everything and everyone else in the world. So yesterday, after noting that insignificance, I seriously considered hanging my hat and leaving the blogosphere in favor of my more reflective counterparts. Foolish of me to write about video games and movies when people are dying out there. Sayang ng bandwidth (right term?) man.

After I got back from my exhausting team-building trip though (and once we returned to the world of civilization aka world with cellular networks), I received a tweet from someone, no less than the makers of SNEEZIES himself!!! Starstruck, much?!

(If it doesn’t come out clear, the retro_dreamer’s tweet says “ Thank you @sashalimuy, reading about our little game and it’s place in your life has just made my day:

Even simple “rewards” like these go a long way. And as I said, not everything has to be complicated serious.

One response to “Something serious

  1. I know what you mean. 🙂 It was a pleasant surprise myself when a relatively popular Star Wars site I posted about a while back commented on my entry.

    Although what I find even more amazing is how they manage to find our posts to begin with. XD

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