Bless you!

When couples stick together like crazy glue, something is definitely responsible for that bond. Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun had that ratty notebook; Romeo and Juliet had suicide. Jason and I? We have something, something much deeper and lasts so much longer. And it’s all because of Jason’s iPhone.

I’m not about to bow down to the iPhone (especially since BlackBerry is better by far)! But Sneezies, unfortunately, is available only to Mac. Sneezies is a progressive game wherein “sneezies (colorful balls of fluff)” are trapped in bubbles. Tapping the screen sets off a sneezing chain reaction that frees the fluffs, causing them to slide down in parachutes. The sneezies get smaller and increase as the level advances.

Jason and I have been playing this for months. Literally. We haven’t even started dating (I think?) and Tata hasn’t left yet when we took turns, trying to see whose tapping power is better. We’ve gone so far in the game that we don’t even let other people play it for fear that all our “hard work” would be lost. I even began ignoring Jason for the little sneezies, much to his dismay. After getting stumped at one level (a particularly hard one), we focused on other apps (yes, this is how we waste our lives, inside a little glass iPhone). Yesterday though, I started playing again and after six months (that’s how long our relationship has been), I advanced another two levels!

Yes, an iPhone app which utilizes at most 0.2 percent of our brain capabilities is what drives us together… but then again, things don’t always have to be so complicated. 😀


Brought to you by: boredom, strawberries, Kung Fu Panda, Viva Mineral Water, and Rustans Gourmet sandwiches.

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