Dy Family Reunion

Planning a reunion for a family of almost a hundred (and that’s just the mother’s side of the family) is obviously not a simple task. And this is coming from someone who wasn’t even in the planning committee, so I can imagine the stress mama, achi, achi Bea and achi Shalom felt when organizing the entire event. HAHA.

But from my humble perspective as a half-guest-half-organizer, I’d say it was a success! Even if I didn’t win anything from the raffle (and that was after praying for one week straight!) Reminiscing, befriending, partying, chowing all rolled into one big pow-wow. We’ve never had reunions like this since I was a kid, all brazen and carefree. And we’ve never had one quite as “planned” before… sad to say, usually weddings and funerals play the unintended role of unification.

Yesterday’s (July 31) reunion at Jelp, Shaw Boulevard is definitely the first of many. Especially since parties like these give the second generation… a chance to let their hair down.

Baby Go-i (haha) and her pretty shoes.

And here I was thinking we were a family of fogies.

Dy (Prietos and Makaos) from different generations. MIA: The Sy family (in Canada), Di-i’s brood, Sys (in the States and Australia), and Saku and his family.

And what has the reunion revealed? That we have more cousins that we can count on our fingers and toes. That Cybele just found out that Monie’s real name is Simon. That parties always end just when things are just starting.

And that Vice President Jejomar Binay could very well be a Dy after he attended our family reunion and accompanied ahma to the stage when she sang.

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