The day’s little cheer

These are only some of the reasons why we should never delete Multiply (no matter how crappy it gets).

Save for his embarrassment, this is actually a good shot of him (seriously). Haha

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: As a point of caution, always make social networking accounts private.


To Jason: Love you! You’re the bestest boyfriend in the world which is why you allowed me to do this. I know you’ll get back at me someday (especially since I command you to not post any of my pangit photos), but in the meantime, let me just wallow in enjoyment.

3 responses to “The day’s little cheer

  1. I knew I’d regret doing this for my fil14 project someday! 😦

    • Not if you made the grade. I suspect you regret posting them on Multiply more. Teehee. 😀 Swear, it’s a really nice photo of you. If only you were wearing… more civilized clothes. Haha

  2. I think I did coz the prof was kinda gay hahahaha

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