Before it all began

For the record, I was always always ALWAYS nice to Jason even if he was only MASUNGIT to me the first time we met. That day along SDC, I vowed to never initiate a conversation with him again since no one likes to be rebuffed after only SO much effort. I really thought that he became a lot nicer after that hot summer day in 2008 but now, browsing through my Multiply account (before its eventual demise) I realized that even after a year, he was still the same mean old frog!!! Huhuhu 😦

(click to enlarge, but only if you’re that interested)

Only Jason can manage a (his classic man-child) smile after hours of being lost. Okay, I admit that here, I was the one who called him a “swine flu freak” first!

But this was way out of line! Huhuhu. Boo and bullfrogs! I’m only human, there’s only so much insult I can take!!!


Now he’s so much nicer though. ❤

I did all of this in Paint. Galing ko e. Hahaha.

4 responses to “Before it all began

  1. HAHAHA i love you!

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