Happy Anniversary!

To my dear sweet blog that turned one some time in the middle of July.

I’m glad I finally found a hobby I was able to stick to. A year is a milestone, especially for someone like me who gets bored soooo easily (a bad trait I inherited from my mommy). Admittedly, it wasn’t as consistent as initially planned; I’ve even skipped weeks during dry season but this is still quite a feat!!! Voice lessons lasted a month, swimming lasted a day, running is still sporadic, jewelry-making is mood-dependent. Blogging has been the second most stable thing I’ve done next to studying! I think I’m finally becoming mature (tear). I even feel mature. Teehee. All such maturity documented here.

I opened sashimi0718.wordpress.com as an outlet for depression last year. I vowed that unlike my livejournal which contained all sappy and miserable entries, this blog would document the few happy moments I had left. Not a moment too soon though, my happy gene started kicking in again and I became sick of what the whole dumb blog symbolized (people still reply there by the way). To pick up where I left off,  I christened scottstuart, using my original name as a pun for my old jolly, anti-depressed self.

And now… 200 views/day (thank friends and the refresh button) later, here we are! Where has the time gone?!?


As promised, Peyton’s birthday pictures during his celebration in his preschool, Learning Jungle. Video hopefully before the week ends.

Preschool is cool. Birthday kids are exempted from wearing uniforms! Hahaha! At this point, Mickey-on-the-cake was still very much alive. My video documents his unfortunate demise.

No matter how good his photos are, only I was able to capture Peyts dancing to Happy Birthday!

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