Want want want

Let me just take you back a few years to possibly one of the most awesome  movie-comic adaptations of all time–

Wanted (2008).

Unfortunately, I had the non-privilege of watching this film with the un-cool hence the awesome factor went down a few notches. Nonetheless, Wanted never spoke truer words when Wesley Gibson said:

“Six weeks ago I was ordinary and pathetic… Who am I now? An account manager, an assassin, just another tool that was mind f*cked into killing his father. I’m all of these, and I’m none of these. Who am I now? This is not me fulfilling my destiny. This is not me falling in my father’s footsteps. This is definitely not me saving the world.”


I’ll have to wait it out and see. Because right now, I’m not sure whether this is me and I’m leaning more towards the not side. Patience is a virtue I never had, and probably never will. Che. Saving the world is on hold… for now.


In better, less borderline depressed news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PEYTON SANTIAGO LIM UY-NILES who turns two today! Jason and I went to Peyton’s preschool to celebrate with his parents and classmates and to document the entire event. The children were so adorable–incredibly noisy in the company of each other yet painfully shy when strange big people are around. We had to leave for work shortly before the party ended, party poopers, I know, but we have to make a living too! I think the children were totally oblivious to our departure; hey, between two (relatively) old people and Mickey Mouse-shaped cupcakes, I’d go for the ones with chocolate frosting any time!!!

I have it on video but I’ll put it in the updated post some other time. For now, this’ll have to do.

Peyton’s first birthday party (July 24, 2009)

Theme: Kentucky Derby

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