Baby’s day out

To rekindle Jason’s photography skills, he instigated this photoshoot a few weeks ago. Our model? My baby nephew Peyton who was neither willing nor grudging. He kept ignoring Jason’s large clunky camera which was so much better than his usual “hiding” reaction every time someone wants to take his photo. I’m 100 percent sure he’ll outgrow that camera-shy phase, especially since his mom (my sister) is such a ham.

Note to anyone wanting to attempt baby photography: in these circumstances, you work around the model, not the other way around. This isn’t Tyra.

The Puss in Boots face


Every great, sweaty ball player has classic tats. Peyton’s is Disney’s Cars character Mater.

Paolo Bediones pose right here

A little cooling off after a tough game (more like tough photographer)

I have the “BTS” shots in my phone. Hahahaha, I’m going to stop pretending this was a real shoot now. Just some fun between boredom. The theme was brought to you by the NBA/UAAP fever, several basketballs in Peyton’s ball basket, and a coincidental basketball jumpsuit in his closet.


Mood: Borderline depressed (tomorrow’s post will explain why, if I find the time) + incredible happy at the UAAP results. 68 – 56 Ateneo (versus UST).

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