Books and etc

I have the worsest friends in the history of the universe. No seriously, I can’t ask for more terrible ones. Disastrous influence always leaving me in knots and ties. They keep me up at incredibly late hours and no matter how tired I am, I always succumb to whatever they want. They opened me to the world of junkies, fornication (i dint use the S word just to emphasize its taboo-ness), and drugs. The showed me the lives of bastards and pimps. I’ve even cried over them more than once. Sometimes they’re too slow, much to my impatience. Sometimes they’re too quick I have a difficult time keeping up. Unpredictable? True. Terrible?

Yup. But I can’t discount the fact that they’ve taken me to London (several times). I’ve been to China, LA, even Emerald City (and no I don’t mean San Francisco). They’ve shown me happiness in its every shape–not to mention hope, faith, freedom. And, at the risk of sounding ridiculously cheesy, they’ve shown me life as it should be.

Books are the single most greatest thing in the world. Yes, I stay awake late at night with a heavy flashlight over my shoulder, practically dislocating my elbow just to read and read and read. Undeniably educational, it’s not all about morals either.Anne Rule and Jodi Picoult give tricks on committing clean murder, the perfect murder weapon (the icicle thing is a myth). Dan Brown foolishly made us question everything we’ve been raised to believe. And those silly little books with Fabio on the cover illustrate what mommy will never tell us. But without them, life would become one shade off from being colorless.

So our gradeschool books were right! Books are our great friends. Cheap but resourceful and definitely exciting. They take us anywhere at any time. They even lead us to new friends. (Yes, Harry Potter is my best buddy). But friends aren’t just about the good times too. Through the poisoned apples and evil stepmother, they teach us how to deal during that time our useless (insignificant) other left us for a cow or last Tuesday, when our pet chowchow died.

To my true friends, stay crazy, terrible, and lovable. Post inspired by Riza’s old status relating to sadness every time she finishes a book (hence losing friends) and Inkheart (2008).


The first part of this entry was about some scattered musings I’ve been keeping for some time now. To lighter things, slow work hour before my assignment:

Webcaming with Jason

-This is him (showing) telling me he hasn’t brushed his teeth yet. 😀 Hee! Thank God we’re cyberworlds apart.

-This is him staring into space.

-This is him making his “cute” face

-This is his reaction to me saying he looks like Beavis.

Hahahaha. He doesn’t know I did this.

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