I ate potato chips todaaaay!

Nothing beats the yummy-in-the-tummy feeling of eating potato chips. The crunchy sound that fills your ears when you chomp on it, the grease that envelops (yes, this is the right spelling) your hand as you dip it inside the foil wrapper, the forgetfulness of the thousands of calories you consume with every bite. 

Not a lot of people know this, but potato chips (no, not dark chocolate, those are healthy for crying out loud!) are my guilty pleasure. I eat it by the handful, which is why I eat it sparingly (a giant bag every month). Now don’t dare confuse it with those nasty triangular corn chips that get stuck all over your gums and make your breath smell kinda funky. I’m talking about those round little crunchy things that come with crisps and ridges. The original chip made fro potatoes.

Now, if you watched Nickelodeon during its heyday (early 2000, for me anyway), you might have caught that little segment on the history of the potato chip. It all began with a Native American chef called George Crum who was working in New York City. One of the dinner guests rejected Crum’s specialty french fries declaring them too thick. He did this again and again with every new dish the chef gave him. The frustrated Crum decided to rile the dissatisfied guest by slicing the potatoes too thin and crisp to skewer with a fork. His plan backfired as the guest loved the browned, paper-thin potato wedges and soon it became a household name. Lays picked it up, then this company, then this. Then finally they were unsuccessfully using corn as a substitute for the tuber. 

I’ve graduated from Lays to Ruffles to Tato Skins (which are the best but too pricey for my eager tummy) to local labels like V-Cut and the aptly titled Potato Chips. I’m picky with my snack. None too oily (bye Lays), not too flavorful (bye Ruffles), cheap (bye Tato Skins). Right now, I’m obsessing over Oishi’s Gourmet Picks in natural sea salt flavor–it fits all the categories I tell you. It’s not too flimsy, just the right amount of grease, not too overpowering for my tongue, and the perfect crunchy sound (isn’t it much more appetitzing when you hear the crunch crunch sound as you chew?). 

Sigh… if only every bite doesn’t come with a heart attack. I can eat it all day, everyday!

*useless entry, I know but I might as well do something productive as I bum. 😀

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