God gave me two TWO super human abilities–1. To unhinge both my shoulders at will; and 2. To evade any form of needles. They’re not enough to save the world… yet.

Anyway, I seem to be losing my super power to do the latter. Just this year, I got pricked four times! FOUR TIMES! After last having a shot in like, 15 years, it’s all coming back to haunt me. The A(h1n1) scare got my mom to force me to take a flu shot. Ouchie yes, I was climbing all over walls. To ward off any potential illnesses I could’ve gotten from my immersion, I also had to take a tetanus shot. That’s two.

Last week, I was having my pre-employment medical exam which included, you guessed it–a BLOOD TEST! After feeling the prick on my right arm, I looked to see an empty syringe being tossed into the garbage can. I paled upon hearing the lady say “Ma’am, pahiram nung kabilang braso, walang dugong lumabas eh.” E natural, sa takot ko naman, nawalan na ako ng dugo. I reluctantly gave my right arm for her to stab. Ouch ouch. 😦

I can stomach horror movies, I can have a scratching match with Freddy Kreuger… but this tiny thin metal leaves me s-less! They give me the worst willies!


*Another random blog post. A-Team review tomorrow!

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