Sex and the City… utterly disappointing

As their clothes got wilder and more outrageous, their story just seemed to get… well, older. And I mean older in its worst possible sense–trite, lost, familiar, and as a fan of the show, it hurts me to say “trying too hard.” From its terrible unimaginative generic title Sex and the City 2 to the rather wrinkly leads, everything seemed ambivalent to the steamy, fun reputation that the series and book upheld.

Directed by Michael Patrick King, the sequel, which made the first one almost seem Oscar-winning,  proved that shallowness doesn’t end with age. Sex and the City has always been known for sex and style that went with great storytelling from main character Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) herself. But this time any potential plot might have gotten lost in between the pages. As if they weren’t punished enough by the first movie, fans of the series flocked the cinema expecting to see the four strong, intelligent women they’ve fell in love with and followed religiously for six years only to find that they’ve grown immature with age–self-indulgent, superficial, fidgety, and demanding. Even Samantha (Kim Catrall) outdid her already ridiculous self, embarrassing her entire country in the new Middle East with condoms and clothes that barely covered anything.

What’s sadder than middle-aged women dealing with problems as if they were teenagers? OBVIOUSLY WRINKLED middle-aged women whining like 16-year olds in Abu Dhabi. Even 64-year-old Liza Minelli’s mouth-gaping Single Ladies number only succeeded in making people go “what the hell was she thinking?!?”

It started smoothly enough. They were in New York and they all had problems–Miranda with her job, Charlotte with her children, Samantha with anything that jeopardized her sex life, and Carrie with Big, the only one who causes her strife. Then they went to Abu Dhabi, a great big adventure on its own. After a long 146 minutes, they finally went home to the Big Apple, and as if Carrie suddenly remembered the problems they left, BOOM! There’s a solution in the form of her usual closing narration. It seems short but it feels a lot longer than it actually is. And the contrived dialogue, best described as “failed attempts at wit,” just made the waiting even more painful.

Sex and the City 2 wanted to retain a young-ish feel–from the clothes, to the hormones, to the problems they encountered. It forgot that Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) grow older, become sexier as they age, talk about and adapt to the changes of womanhood. Wasn’t that the whole point of Sex and the City, anyway? That, and the clothes–which just looked too outlandish anyway, even for the fashion-daring foursome.



Killers was awesome! Okay, so the storyline isn’t that original especially with Tom Cruise’s Knight and Day but Ashton Kutcher ‘s abs can make any movie great.

Prince of Persia gets a two thumbs up from me. If only Jake Gyllenhaal would brush his hair more often!

3 responses to “Sex and the City… utterly disappointing

  1. I haven’t seen this yet and I am not liking the reviews I am reading – not good

    • It really didn’t do justice to the series I’m telling you. But I think if you’re a fan, you should still go just for the sake of. 😀 You probably won’t enjoy it but then you’ll appreciate the series better. 😀

  2. Whaaaaaaat? Nooooooooooooo!

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