Dorothy clicked her ruby heels together and said “There’s no place like home.” That simple formula was enough to take her back to Kansas with Auntie Em and Uncle Henry.

My red pumps (the closest alternative) don’t carry the same effect, I’m afraid. Dapat ko yatang ibalik yun sa tindahan ha. While capable of making my legs look longer (and feel deader), their power doesn’t stretch as far as Dorothy’s magical pair. If only it was as easy as Dorothy made it out to be. Firstly, every shoe store seems to have run out of magical ruby slippers in size 6 1/2.

But then again, home is such an abstraction. After an exhausting work day, I’d say home was my comfy house with my comfy bed. If I’d been lonely out of my mind, home would be wherever my friends and family are. Is home defined in terms of geography or of emotions? Malay ko but it doesn’t always have to be Kansas. Warped by all this confusion, rubbing ruby slippers might just take me in limbo. And that’s where I am already! Turning 20 is one giant limbo in itself.  It’s two years after womanhood but a year short of adulthood. (When do we become official adults anyway? 18 or 21?). It’s good-bye to the baggy jeans and bare midriffs but power suits don’t seem right either. And as if I’m not dealing with enough awkward transitions already, my birthday falls on a Wednesday. That horrible middle where it’s too early to celebrate the prior weekend but too late on the subsequent one.

I want the ruby slippers not because of its obvious kikay factor (that’s number 2) but because for my 20th birthday, I want to find that home. The one where I could be honed and molded, where I find fun despite all the grunt work, where I tire myself to the bone but still fall asleep with a smile on my face. And to find that, the only solution I’ve come up with is to steal Dorothy’s shoes. It’s instantaneous and it’s been proven to be 100 percent effective.

So God/Santa/Easter Bunny/Blue Fairy, if you’re reading this, what I want is simple. No elves, eggs, or fairy dust required. And if you’re touched by this insanely cheap request, I would also want a Blackberry.

*BTW, I’m not complaining about the job I have now. Hahaha… I just want to do more. 


BTW, my Filipino is starting to sound a wee gay so if you don’t mind, I’d rather speak English if we’re outside the work. It’s catching! I can feel my voice pitching every now and then.

8 responses to “BIRTHDAY MOOOONTH!!!

  1. I found you on a Google search of my name after I’d just ‘adjusting’ my profile. Other than a famous doctor in Iowa, I’ve never found much under my name. I always get hits on Stuart Scot from ESPN, even though I wasn’t looking for him. I’m a photographer in Ohio. I have to say, your blog is VERY easy to read. I like the style. I think I’ll hit the RSS feed and see how things continue. Nice running into you.

    The Real Scott Stuart…

  2. Happy birthday Sasha.

    This blog post is nicely written. Glad that I followed your posts in my Google Reader.

  3. And I thought 11 was the only awkward stage. When you’re too big to join parlor games at kiddie parties but too young to ask your mom for bras and deodorants. Haha 🙂 Advanced happy birthday!!

  4. Ruby slippers for your birthday? Hmmm, what a coincidence! I was just talking about Ruby, the teleserye a while ago with you.

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