Remember Problem Child 3 (1995)? That horribly tasteless movie clouded my perceptions of the dentist as an evil sadist out to cause oral pain. But after an actual visit to our lovely family orthodontist, I realized that the painful sound of drilling, filing, and pulling wasn’t bad, especially since I’ve only gone as far as a cleaning. I usually lie contented on that weird crocodile-shaped chair as the dentist tickles my gums with her rubbery tools. For about 30 minutes, I can feel my coke-abused neglected teeth getting a well-deserved first class spa trip. 

But today, my previous fears manifested themselves as I accompanied Jason to a doble-gabot session. Both his wisdom teeth were impacted so he needed surgery to yank them out. And I volunteered to play nurse for the day just so he could fulfill one of his greatest dreams, to be treated like the a big baby :). I don’t know if it was the large metal injection, the pool of blood, the sliced tooth, the suturing, or the writhing that made me flinch and look away. Probably a combination of all five. I stood there with circles in my head watching him being cut open like a piece of fish for nearly an hour. I was open-mouthed at the sound of drilling, filing, and pulling. I grimaced upon seeing the hooked needle and black thread being pierced through gums. He’s going to be in sporadic (in between pain killers) pain for the next three days while maintaining a diet of cold liquid food (WHUT?) and rubbing cold compress on his face all day long. 

Wisdom can be so painful sometimes. 

I wonder how much the tooth fairy’ll appraise Jason’s giant wisdom teeth.

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