A down moment

Disclaimer: A random post


I took a really long nap right after work today so I feel I won’t be going off to sleep any time soon. Such a shame because I have a ton and half of stuff to do tomorrow and I could really use some rest (plus all the luck in the world) for that. Anyway, more to the point. This is a short entry fueled by 1) something to do now that practically everyone’s asleep; 2) I want to grab a little 1:45 am snack before returning to my book. 


Just a note of ponderment*:

There are times when we’re just overwhelmed by everyone around us. There’s just too much of them–all sweet, comforting, and doting. Everyone we love is right there, at an arm’s reach–we need them and they need us back. Like there’s a long waiting list for your attention and we don’t know what to do and who to start with that we just cherish the moment and take everyone on one at a time. Stressful but wonderful. But then there are also those hateful times where we look but there’s no one for miles and miles around. Everyone’s gone and we realize it’s when we really need them most, even if it’s just shallow no-brainer moments. Jokes we’ll remember three years from now over a cup of coffee. Sigh, maybe we just didn’t look hard enough and they were just behind a boulder, or maybe they tried to find us but we got separated along the way, or maybe the highs-and-lows was really the way it was designed just to see how we would react. But that doesn’t change the fact that that particular moment is lost forever. Oh well, there will be others. 

I’m not really sure I said that properly, I just wrote it straight from my mind with barely any editing haha. What a bad journalist practice. I think I wasted four years of journalism training with that one paragraph. Even if I’m fully awake, I think my brain’s not wired to function during late hours. Hahaha. I realized from this post though that I get dramatic and moody after looking through old stuff I’m not supposed to. But hey, I’m a great researcher, and it’s not my fault that old stuff is lying around for web nomads like me. It’s even greater (and worse) how it usually leads me to even older (more interesting) stuff. Hahaha. 


In lighter news, 

Kenny Rogers’ Katipunan recently reopened! I can’t wait! I know there are hundreds more branches out there. I just ate at the Morato branch a few weeks ago but the Katip one is special. Kenny’s was always an after-UAAP tradition and that’s one of the places I got to know the mysterious Jason Mariposa more.  In my excitement, I even foolishly marked my Kenny’s trip tomorrow in my planner like an excited little girl off to buy her first pair of patent leather shoes.

I can taste the chicken already, hoboy!!!

*ponderment is my new Sasha word. Remember those? My sasha-isms.  I forgot I had that going for me. Anyway, it’s a coined term for ponder + moment, get it?

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