Oh my dead fingernail

Last Monday, I felt proud of my purple-stained right index finger. It’s proof that I fulfilled a large chunk of my duty as a citizen. I was even finding not-too-subtle ways to show it to the trike driver, the cashier at Rustans’, and pretty much everyone who seemed old enough to have dirty index fingernails but don’t.

That was four days ago. I’ve realized that pride runs out and now I only see it as a dirty blotch on my finger, distracting me from practically everything that I do. The indelible ink did not seep through the sides of my nail like most of my friends’. There’s just a large brownish dot, the color of iodine, covering half my nail, making it look as though blood clotted after an anvil fell on it. I’ve tried ways to wash it out–alcohol, cologne, acetone. I’m even this close to trying muriatic acid (kids, don’t try this at home) but I realized I wasn’t that desperate, not to mention shallow.

See? Everyone’s looks purplish but mine is poop brown… possibly from a reaction with the alcohol and acetone.

But my resignation at the brown spot, which may be with me for the next month or so, did not stop me from resorting to my favorite lifesaver plus go-to adviser, you got it right–GOOGLE. So for those who finally got sick of the mark of being a citizen, Google says:

1. Pour rubbing alcohol (available at drug stores and grocery stores) on a paper towel or clean rag. Alternatively, if the ink stain is very small, use cotton balls or cotton-tipped swabs.

2. Dab at the stain with the alcohol-soaked towel or rag. If the ink is on fabric, put another towel on the back side so you don’t get ink stain on the table or other surface as you work.

3. Switch to a new alcohol-dampened paper towel and continue to blot the stain. Keep working (making sure to switch to clean towels frequently) until the ink is gone.

4. Dampen a cloth and add a small drop of liquid soap (to the cloth). Wash the item to remove any remaining alcohol.

5. Rinse the item of soapy residue and dry with a clean cloth.

Source:Β http://www.ehow.com/how_5156749_remove-indelible-ink.html

I doubt it works but it’ll be fun to try.


Tomorrow’s post is inspired by my dear friend, Riza Milante and her musings about fictional friends. Hahaha.

6 responses to “Oh my dead fingernail

  1. someonetoldme

    My nail is still purplish. Hindi lang yung sides 😐 Ang tagal niya mawala!


    My nails are now a delicious shade of pink πŸ˜€

    • I tried concealing mine with purplish black nail polish… i didn’t like the shade, and there’s still a dark tint behind the three layers of purple. 😐

  3. Sasha! Pareho kita, mine’s not really purple as well. Garo naipit lang sa pintuan or something. :)) I can’t get it out as well. 😐

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