10 smartest superheroes

During boring days in the workplace, you can do one of two things: stare at the computer screen in a zombie-like trance feigning interest or look immensely amused to your boss while actually entertaining yourself with youtube, Google, or Facebook. Don’t misconstrue me as a lazy bum. I love work and that’s just it–I like keeping myself busy and my brain active which is why I can’t just sit and stare at a computer waiting.

Hence, to make idle moments productive, I was off to the wonderful world of Google. No, I didn’t search for the perfect way to kill a cockroach (I did that last time) but I did come across a two year old list.  I think I’m on a list phase. Anyway, here’s Business Week’s Top 10 Most Intelligent American Comic Book characters.

1. Reed Richards. He’s more than a dude who can pull off grey hair. He’s the leader of the Fantastic Four and is responsible for breakthroughs in space travel, holography, and time travel. Best invention ever? Unstable molecule costumes for the gang.

2. Bruce Wayne. Not a chiseled kryptonite-fearing alien? No vat of toxic waste to fall into? That’s okay because Batman proves anybody can be a superhero. Just throw yourself into a dump of sexy black rubber, hire an all-around butler, be incredibly rich, get some smarts and you’re all set. Bruce Wayne is also knowledgeable in chemistry, forensics, and criminology just to compensate for his lack of innate powers. He also makes his own devises and pimps his own cars. He’s a detective, strategist, and billionaire who prefers to outsmart his smarter opponents than to fight them in hand to hand combat. After all, it’s hard to move in that suit.

3. Tony Stark. The better human-turned-superhero icon. He made his first thingamajig as a toddler, entered MIT at 15, and took over a multi-million dollar company at 21. The boy genius/shrewd smart aleck uses his intellect to improve and modernize his Iron Man armor. How many people have “invented a new element” in their resume? Who knew scrap metal could be used to save a life? Tony Stark.

If anything, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark prove that you have to have natural (or accidental) powers or be incredibly wealthy to be a super crime fighter.

4. Henry Pym. A scientific genius with a Ph.D. in biochemistry and expertise in quantum physics, robotics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and entomology, Ant-Man discovered the subatomic “Pym particles” that enable mass to be shunted or gained from an alternate dimension. It enabled him to shrink and expand at will. Want to be skinny? It’s easy with Pym particles! By the way, he also created a robot named Ultron.

5. Hank McCoy. X-Men’s Beast proves that beauty is only skin-deep and expertise in mutation and evolutionary human biology can go much further. His greatest achievement apart from being a cuddly furry friend? Finding a cure for the destructive Legacy virus, a deadly plague that killed thousands of mutants.

6. Bruce Banner. There must be something about being a beast or in the name Bruce. Or maybe both for the Hulk has been described as “possessing a mind so brilliant it cannot be measured on any known intelligence test.”

7. Barbara Gordon. The sweet but dangerous Batgirl used to defend the streets of Gotham City but after suffering a gunshot wound, she had to move on from patrolling the streets. Dubbing herself as Oracle, she became a consultant for superheroes and law enforcement agencies.

8. Peter Parker. The dorky dweeb from the block. His prowess for science made him an outcast but his alterego is one of the most popular superheroes around. If only the kids from high school could see him now, in his skintight (but airy) suit being banged around by the likes of Venom and Green Goblin. But while self-proclaimed Spider-man fans chase around the trilogy, Spider-man actually used his brilliance to create the web shooters from his wrists. A detail altered by the filmmakers.

9. Charles Xavier. He graduated at 16 with honors from Harvard University, founded the crime-fighting X-men and the Xavier Institute (formerly Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters), has Ph.D.’s in genetics, biophysics, psychology, anthropology, and psychiatry. (The) Professor X is also unparalleled in genetics, mutation, and psionic-powers. Seriously though, how can you top someone who can read and control minds?

10. Ray Palmer. I have a soft spot for Atoms. A university professor who invented a lens allowing him to shrink any object definitely deserves the last stop. Kind and benevolent, he used this ability to convert himself as Atom whenever needed. Though… I’ve always wondered how helpful a man the size of a speck of dust can be.

Based on: http://www.businessweek.com/investor/content/may2006/pi20060531_495737.htm


A more serious post tomorrow.:D But for now, let’s relax.

6 responses to “10 smartest superheroes

  1. Ray Palmer is to Brainiac 5 what Hank McCoy is to Reed Richards.

  2. asshole…. tony stark is d most smart superhero evr…

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  4. lol.. just this afternoon I was talking to my friend @ work, about how most of the comic book superheroes are not really geniuses – just a handful really… esp. when compared to the sheer number of supervillains which possess a really high level of intellect..

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