Today is THE DAY

On May 10, 2009, I made a huge personal decision. It was awful–I had dark circles under my eyes, I was exhausted despite the lack of physical activity, I lost an unhealthy amount of weight. But despite that which I now consider wasted depression, it was the best damn choice I’ve ever made. Everything has turned out for the best and things continue to be rosy.

Now, May 10, 2010, exactly one year later, I’m smack in the middle of history, covering what for me is the most buzzed election in the Philippines. A season of firsts, lasts, and in betweens. I still have bags under my eyes from all the late and early shifts, I’m still tired from sitting and staring at a computer all day long. Sadly, the third symptom doesn’t seem to apply but two out of three means that I’m about to make yet another important decision this time, it involves the entire country. The yells of frenzied newscasters and producers, the numberless laptops and televisions (including the wall-sized one beside me), the concerned Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo patrollers anxiously blogging, tweeting, and posting are enough to show us the gravity of the matter. Every shading in that sheet of expensive paper foretells the country’s future.

So make it count. Wait it out, shake your head at the sample ballots and not-so-discreet cash being offered, be careful with the marker and the indelible ink–that P1000 paying for your vote can get you by for two days but shading the right egg-shaped bullet can get you by for six years, maybe even more.

For more information, click here.

2 responses to “Today is THE DAY

  1. Wow, Sasha, your blog is amazing. You’re such a great writer! I’m glad I chanced upon your site, I just thought I’d let you know that I really like the content you have on here. I’m eagerly awaiting your next post.

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