Forbes Top 15 richest men and women of literature

I got this from Momo one normal YM day. We’ve all heard of Forbes 100 most influential people, but this apparently annual list of the richest fictional characters is new to me. I can’t help feeling like a pauper compared to these characters.

1. Carlisle Cullen (Twilight big daddy) – 34.1 billion

Thanks in large part to 300 years’ worth of amassed wealth (investments probably in Wal-Mart, Apple, and other now-large corporations), pre-cog “daughter” turned financial advisor Alice Cullen, literal blood money, and centuries of doctor’s salary without worrying about other expenses such as food, medicine, et cetera.

2. Scrooge McDuck – 33.5 billion

His piles and piles of gold tidily kept in the Duckburg money bin appreciated due to the high price of gold. He would’ve ranked number one had it not been for his nephews.

3. Richie Rich – 11.5 billion

Clearly the fiscal crisis hit even fiction as our third runner earns less than half of Scrooge’s income. Most of his wealth is mainly due to a large inheritance and smart investments in  Keenbean inventions such as iron robot maids. Sadly though, Richie Rich has been missing since the death of close friend, Michael Jackson.

4. Tony Stark – 8.8 billion

Being president and CEO of Stark Industries make Tony Stark a tad more than being just wealthy but his recent revelation of alterego/superhero Iron Man caused shares to skyrocket. Privatizing world peace lands him fourth place in Forbes Top 15 richest fictional characters.

5. Jed Clampett – 7.2 billion

I have no idea who this dude is except that he’s a member of the Beverly Hillbillies. Probably made a fortune selling reed toothpicks and suspenders. Forbes says “prices in crude oil nearly doubles in past year and value of Clampett’s Texas Tea soars.” That pretty much explains it.

6. Ozymandias – 7 billion

Being the smartest man on the planet pays well, as evident in Watchmen villain Adrian Veidt’s massive wealth. He inherited a significant amoung of money but donated it all to charity. He became a self-made millionaire selling genetically enhanced lynxes and marketing his own superhero image.

7. Bruce Wayne – 6.5 billion

Apart from the success of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne also moonlights as an S&M gigolo. Using his black rubber cape, he flies to the call of distressed maidens who flash a bat-shaped shadow on the sky.

8. The Toothfairy – 3.9 billion

People would think that the Toothfairy would be losing money due to the silver dollars she slips under children’s pillows every night. But her income far outweighs her expenses, especially since baby teeth fare well in Chinese black markets nowadays.

9. Thurston Howell III – 2.1 billion

Being environmentally friendly does have its benefits as seen in this Gilligan’s Island tycoon. The reclusive billionaire uses green technology (which is of course, very popular now that the earth is dying) for Howell Industries. So far he has developed bamboo rockets, bicycle-powered washing machines, and coconut cellphones.

10. Sir Topham Hatt – 2 billion

Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends wouldn’t be as successful without this railroading billionaire and his collection of vintage steam engines.

11. Artemis Fowl II – 1.9 billion

Not bad for a pre-teen boy with a girl’s name. With inheritance, theft, and Technology patents, Artemis is ready to rule his father’s syndicate, even expanding it far more than his father imagined. I don’t know about you, but I found this book quite boring… 😦

12. Montgomery C. Burns – 1.3 billion

The eccentric The Simpsons’ character who owns Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is a category on his own–evil-turned-energy mogul-turned-theft-turned-super Christian-turned Marge lover-turned-evil man. He has definitely enough money to pay for his worsening mental illness.

13. Chuck Bass – 1.1 billion

The oily heir to a real estate legend has made the family business his own selling majority stake of Bass industries to his stepmother then using the proceeds to buying a hotel. No wonder he always falls prey to Gossip Girl. He’s known for his manipulative and brooding ways as well as his vast collection of vests and other purple Valentino ensembles.

14. Jay Gatsby – 1 billion

Truly a classic character from The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby made his fortune associating with gangsters. But unfortunately, despite rocking parties and pools of cash, he fails to win the girl.

15. Lucille Bluth – 950 million

The only one who failed to reach the billion mark, Lucille Bluth is the matriarch of the dysfunctional family from the underrated, now defunct show Arrested Development. While George Bluth went to prison for fraud and association with Saddam Hussein, his estranged wife took the family real estate business by the reins. After consolidating power, she is rumored to have hidden her millions in various Swiss bank accounts and under a family-run frozen banana stand. 


2 responses to “Forbes Top 15 richest men and women of literature

  1. Hello there scott or rather sasha in the real world.

    Just found your site from Kit Tatad’s list of followers in Twitter.

    This list is cool. ^_^ I didn’t know that Forbe’s also scan fictional wealth from fictional characters.

    It is nice that you shared it here and I do believe that the Batman got his wealth from those wealthy maidens.

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