Elections etcetera

I have never been a fan of politics. Never even cared for it. My first memory of the elections was of a Rolando Andaya poster taped on the back of a jeepney in 1998. Our van was behind the jeep for a good 10 minutes so the image stuck to my young, impressionable mind. My uncle, Erap’s supporter and friend, did a lot of campaigning for LAMMP so I vaguely remember a lot of orange that year too.

Honestly though, I never got anything out of that initial experience. I was eight and I thought that elections meant supporters of different candidates would fight it out in one big Battle Royale so I didn’t want my mom to “vote.” My second impression was that it made a lot of mess.

This time around, I did a complete 180. Maybe because for two years straight, the importance of the elections was being forced on everyone in Ateneo. Being part of The GUIDON News meant I had to learn and eventually care about it. Or maybe since I’m voting for the first time ever, the only one in my family, I’m a little too eager. I’ve never found myself as passionate about Philippine politics as I am now, except when I was fighting for an A in PoS100.

From the moment he announced his candidacy, the moment I heard him speak, dripping with authority and intelligence, I was sold. Gilbert Teodoro Jr is my presidential bet. With all due respect for Winnie Monsod, who prefers to vote for Noynoy Aquino for the simple reason that the country has had enough intelligent presidents, I disagree. I still prefer someone strong and smart to represent our country. It’s not enough to take a stand, a candidate has to effectively defend and fight for it. Choosing a candidate through the process of elimination is like selecting the most incompetent out of a list of incompetents.

On a lighter note though, I felt that Monsod subtly meant Noynoy wasn’t bright enough haha. Just someone with more conscientious people associated with him.

Some people are naturally born leaders, some are leaders by birthright. Choosing isn’t easy but whether one votes for Gibo, Gordon, or any other old president wannabe, birthright or not, vote for someone you believe in and not what surveys dictate.

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