What would Jesus do?

Disclaimer: This is a random blog


Jesus would wait patiently and entrust everything to God. Check

Jesus would find something productive to do, like spread the Good Word. Check (maybe not as holy as Jesus’ but disseminating information about the elections is a start).

Jesus would wear sandals despite the cold weather. Check (fashion over comfort).

Jesus would die for the sinners. Pass


But no matter how similar I may be with Jesus, I’m not him–he with the ready-made job and mission in life.

On a lighter note,

I saw FMG today. No, he did not tell me I had the makings of a superstar. We just stood beside each other in the elevator in silence. He was heading for the basement and I was about to grab lunch on the ground floor. And this is the story of how I almost became a celebrity.


I really don’t understand why Gilbert Teodoro, my personal bet, is not rising in the polls.

We need someone intelligent and strict for our undisciplined country. A candidate running by virtue of being chosen by an uninformed citizenry would only present challenges for us in the long run.

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