My exortion-filled week began last Tuesday when my sister accidentally maimed a policeman in her futile efforts to speed away from him. Had the traffic light remained green, we would have had a successful getaway. But we didn’t. The light turned red, the policeman caught up behind us in his black and white motorcycle. I sat there as we made like good citizens, watching the next sequence of events:

1. The policeman subtly asks my sister for x-ray money because her car hit his shoulder. This man probably has no background in physics (or just simple common sense!). It’s quite impossible to be hit on the shoulder when you’re tailing the car and everyone’s moving forward. The bang we heard was most likely from him slamming his big hand on the trunk. Or him hitting us. Plus, the hospital he goes to charges a lot for x-rays. Sosyal, sorry na.

2. He pretended to write my sister a ticker, casually taking the folded bills (the x-ray money plus gas money, seriously don’t they have hazard fees?) my sister obediently slipped under his notepad. Then, we were free to go.

After that day, everyone seemed to be taking money from me… from cab drivers (twice in a row), to cafeteria workers! Where’s the justice???

I think my luck ran out after Jason. 😀 But that’s better though!

I’m part of a threesome–Jason, me, and his baby.

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