It’s like watching Meryl Streep, we can never get used to it because watching her is a different experience every time. I still get this giddy feeling every time I see my byline published. For struggling writers like me, it doesn’t really matter if it’s for a dingy newsletter, The GUIDON*, or our local Bicolano paper. Although I have to admit seeing Sasha LimUy on national publications trumps down the rest of them.

On February 2009, my heart bounced when my old boss informed me that I was in Sunday Inquirer Magazine. Plain and simple, the article was horrible. A choppy, pathetic news piece disguised as a feature article. But behind the shame of knowing that thousands would be seeing it and associating me with it, I was still overjoyed to have been given such an opportunity. Out of those thousands of readers, I, another reader, got to write a story for Inquirer. Okay, so I failed to bank on the privilege  but that was just a minor setback.

Even my blogs and snippets for Candy Magazine made me gush with pride though I sometimes feel that I don’t belong with the Candy crowd.  I’m not a make-up girl, I wear clothes that I like and not because they’re in demand in the stores, and boy advice doesn’t really interest me very much.

But being published in ABS-CBN is different. Number one, the fact that I’m a part of Halalan 2010 out of hundreds is overwhelming in itself already. It’s ABS-CBN!!! Number two, I covered for a national event. Plus, getting praises from the editor is just the cherry on top of everything else.

I was in the office for 15 hours, listening to the Harapan Debate broadcast from three television sets, transcribing and jotting down notes like crazy. It was freezing, everyone was frantic/ecstatic, it was AWESOME. ❤

Wow, I’m here sitting and typing. By Sasha Lim Uy

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