I am a mermaid

I never wished I was a mermaid… number one, that was my sister’s dream. She even asked our dad to buy her a mermaid tail and she’d practice moving her legs in this pathetic silly fish-like motion as we frolicked in our kiddie pool. Number 2, I maintain that I am a beautiful unicorn of love (org inside joke). But today, as I sit in the office researching, e-mailing, and texting potentially significant people who may have a hand in our country’s progress, I realized that I haven’t been to the beach all summer!!! Sure I’ve gone to resorts, sure I’ve bobbed in the water like a drowning jellyfish (can jellyfish drown?)… But so far there have been no visits to sandy waters, I’m even missing that scratchy grainy feeling one gets when sand enters the swimsuit. Boo!

But anyway, I can’t really complain since I don’t have the resources to go anywhere. Not that the lack of funds (someone please hire me!) stopped me from going places. Hahaha.

Jason’s first trip to Manila Ocean Park. (Like a true tourist, he even bought a key chain).

I thought it was Jason… my bad!

I found him!!!

Patrick Star!

Hoboy! I need more adventures before Jason officially becomes a working boy!

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