Home Alone 4?

Just to clarify the title, I think there really is a Home Alone 4, an even less popular version of the already failed third installment. Unfortunately Macaulay Culkin couldn’t stay young and do “Holy smokes!” forever. From Kevin McAllister to Richie Rich, he worked his way from cutesy roles to eventually become… a has-been. Macko-wha Who???


Anyway, I’m writing this blog to document my first night alone. The last time my mom left me by myself was four years ago. Recollections of horror films plagued me as I sat on the bed by myself the entire first night. For the next two, I asked the maid to set up a mattress on the floor just so she could wake me up in case a ghost comes.

This time though, I don’t have a maid to ward off the mumu. I only have television and Choky to keep me company. My brother, sister, and mom bounced back to Bicol to attend a wedding and my other sister is pushing her way through her fellow delirious Super Junior fans in Araneta. I’m a little torn between feeling proud of my 15-second independence, realizing how much trust was given when the house was left in my unable hands, and feeling abandoned especially after being uninvited to my cousin’s wedding just so I could play house-sitter.

So far I don’t sense any ghosts but this isn’t the first time my so-called clairvoyance failed me. Hopefully the garlic and rosary I arranged around my bed is enough to keep them away. My fingers are crossed, I hope yours are too! I’m trying my hardest to stay awake (I just saw the trailer for the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie) but the bed is just too powerful for me to resist. BOO.

Good night everyone!

I’m a smiling person and this is the first tormented photo of myself that I like. May my weird spooky face guide you in your nightmares. 😀

“and when it’s right, you’re lost in the moment….” -Meryl Streep

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