Naga City!!! We go back!

Two days ago, a driver,  my mom, my boyfriend, and I were braving the bouncy, 10-hour car ride to my hometown, Naga City. Today, we took the same bouncy expedition back to Manila. The day in between was a blur of graduation, medals, tours, plants, camwhoring, and hourly meals. That had to be the shortest Bicol visit I’ve ever had and it was over before any of us had time to stretch our legs… literally.

There’s something soothing about touring Jason in the place where I grew up, where he  met some of my friends, and where he saw most of the things that contributed to my lack of “development.”  It’s enough to tell him that while I am under the guise of someone cosmopolitan, I’m still a simple probinsyana at heart… and Bicol will always remain home even if I live here full time now.

I wish we could’ve stayed longer. There are people to see and places to go that just can’t be squeezed in one day. Although I think one day and two nights of the ghost under the bed is enough for Jason. 😀

Photos to come!

It’s only after five years that my kindergarten/elementary/high school gave me the boost and academic confidence that I could have used 10 years ago. With my shiny round gold Outstanding Alumni medal and glimmering sun-shaped gold Ateneo medal, I can safely say “I’m smart!” without expecting lightning to strike me.

When I arrived, car-lagged and with a splitting headache, a happy surprise greeted me in the form of two beautiful Siberian hamsters. It’s my surprise for Jason for tolerating my noise all the time without a pip of complaint.


Jason will probably upload HIS pictures in his blog, so just watch out for those. 😀

Next stop: Caramoan, Buhi, Pasacao. I haven’t been to these places since they’ve been developed for tourism! Who needs Boracay?

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