The unicorn is back!

and is unemployed!

Happy graduation to batch 2010!!!

Sure it was my second time to sit through the long ceremony (congratulations Jason Mariposa! <3), sure I couldn’t sit in my dress, sure our seats didn’t have electric fans, sure I found myself staring into space more than once… but whatever!!! This is the last time I’m enduring another (boring) Ateneo event!!! Thank you to my mommy, sachi, Jason, and friends for being there! Yay!!! It’s nice to have a support group, especially Jason who got more than what he bargained for. 😦 Sorry.

Pardon the momentary bout of vanity. It’s not everyday I get dolled up; I might as well milk it for all it’s worth.


Want to see some magic? If you click on the photo, you see it’s actual size! Amazing! [Insert sarcasm here]. 😀

2 responses to “The unicorn is back!

  1. You look so cute Sasha. 🙂 I’m probably the 999th person to greet you, but anyway.. Congrats. 🙂

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