That great tradition before graduation

I thought Blue Roast was great, even though it left me with a painful realization: either I have no friends or I have too many of them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the latter, it sounds so much better. After four years of meeting and hanging out with different people, at the last barkada event in my college life, I had no idea who to be with so Jason and I spent most of our time guarding our free-for-all-our-friends table. Blue Roast for me felt like a mature version of OrSem with the same awkward which-chair-do-I-seat-in, when-will-this-program-end situations but with a later, more relaxed schedule, the permittance of booze, and better dressed people. And just like OrSem, I still arrived to early, I still made great pains to find Riza, I still fumbled over my plate,  I still couldn’t distinguish one band from another, and I still tried to duck out of what I deem corny games. 

I must say though, that the Song for Mary, usually the most emotional segment (and my favorite part)
of every Ateneo thing, was a little uneventful. I found myself blindly slurring to the song and raising my arm in that ever so tiring, semi-rehearsed motion as I diverted my attention from the synchronized sea of arms to the dancing fireworks that took away the night’s peace. 

BTW, the yearbook… was less than what I expected. A subpar imitation of Harry Potter made to look oldish and efficient but… fell several steps short especially with the errata, bad photo-editing, and lack of stocks. 😀

One response to “That great tradition before graduation

  1. i found you naman diba? 🙂

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