The only thing I feel is the burn!

There’s a reason why I never haul-ass to the gym–the aversion to pain strongly precedes the desire for abs. And it was this mindset, coupled with my serious lack of physical exercise, that shamefully made me fall 10 steps behind the gym buffs in the room.

After a 20 minute warm-up on the treadmill where Jason told me to increase the speed every five minutes, he took me to a separate area where we did some abwork and tried to touch our toes (hey, I did it! Someone was unable to! Haha). 😦 He kept making me count to 15 at every phase of the workout but after noticing that I was in serious pain, he lessened it to 10. Such a sweet boy hahaha. When Jason was finally contented with our abs exercise, he took me to the barbell/dumbbell area (don’t shoot me for my lack of technical know–how, I’m only starting to get the hang of it). Anyway, I chose a pair of respectable-looking dumbbells  which he replaced with teeny ones. Boo. I looked kind of silly carrying baby dumbbells while everyone else was holding huge ones, including Jason. 😦 After that shameful display of baby dumbbell mastery, Jason allowed me to fool around with the different machines that apparently targeted different areas in one’s body. Yay! Although there was this one apparatus that resembled the one the black guy in Final Destination 3 died in… I decided to stay away from that one. Why risk a gory death?

Finally, he gave me permission to play with the stationary bikes while he did some serious exercise. I think me being there and bugging him every five minutes only gave him half the workout he intended to have. Oops!

We woke up feeling pain everywhere. But hey, no pain no gain… and he’s hurting much so more than me. Hahaha.


My first workout session with aspiring body builder/Mr. Universe ended with a yummy dinner where we regained all the calories we lost. Then, he decided to give me a billiards lesson. I think I’ll be a billiards champ like him in no time! But on a more serious note, I think his attachment to the sport is… a point for concern. When I accidentally whacked his expensive custom-made cue stick on the wall, he gave out a yelp of pain that I could’ve sworn it was him that banged on the concrete. 😦

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