Three blurry days of nonstop activity

March 17, 2009 (Wednesday)

*Disclaimer: Today had alternating moments of stress and boredom. The points of boredom were so intense that I even had time to make a draft for this blog in my moleskine.

My sister told me that we’d leave the house at 6 am–she had work and I had an exam. We were both heading for Makati so we decided to go there together. By 6:20, she was still putting her face on and I was waiting sleepily and impatiently, contemplating why I woke up at 5:30 and if I should take a power nap instead of sitting and watching her. We took a cab to Makati in silence; translation: with earphones glued to our ears. She took me to the exam venue where she gallantly bought me a Chuckie (Chucky?) and some munchies for energy, then she left. And I was alone. After a grueling first half that induced both tears and a questioning of my intelligence, I decided to manually climb down the six flights of stairs for lunch. My aunt’s condominium was right across the street and my mom was also on her way over so I thought I’d walk over to her place until 1 o clock.  Unfortunately, three things slipped my mind as I walked: 1) I don’t know how to effin’ cross the street, 2) Red meant stop and green meant go, 3) Filipinos never follow traffic regulations as they tamper freedom. I had to two streets to get to the condo and as I waited with a group of other people on the other side of the road, the traffic light for pedestrians suddenly turned red, the cars stopped and the people I was with hastily crossed the street. I stood there waiting for the little man to turn green as cars honked at me, forcing me to cross so I did, even though I knew it was jaywalking. As I headed for the other street, a man told me I wasn’t allowed to walk along the side of the building and ordered me to go around it. WHUT? Under the scorching heat? I decided to just go back to the exam building and eat in Mini-Stop. There were no empty tables so I sat beside a girl who looked like a lesbian (a sort of middleground between a butched one and a hot one) who looked at her phone every 20 seconds and giggled by herself. Although I must apologize for spraying her side of the table with soy sauce. I was incredibly hungry but after several bites of Mini-Stop’s siomai offering, I realized that the dried up, wrapped meatballs are probably a hundred years old. I gave up and just closed the styropor container, looking at my phone and doodling on my planner. Eventually, the giggling, butched/hot lesbian left… only to be replaced by an actual butched lesbian (I thought she was a man until she spoke) and her two male friends.

To get rid of my stress and friendlessness and at the interest of exercise, I decided to manually climb the 16 floors to the examination room. Such feat! I only started to get tired at the 5th floor, hold on to the railing at the 10th, and felt my knees buckle at the 15th.

Good news is, I found out yesterday that… I PASSED! So my pre-arthritic hands taking that test for seven hours, empty pre-acidic tummy, and potentially criminal act as a jaywalker was worth it!

March 18 to 19

*Disclaimer: a better post with photos for when Jason decides to upload them online.

Because I want to keep this short and simple, plus I’m tired of typing, let me just say, I had so much fun with my friends in Fontana. Yay!!! Here’s to farts, indecent exposures, impulse shopping, broken equipment, deflated floats, and sunburn!!!

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