Pick it up!

Social Networking Sites. We use them for the following reasons:

1. Peer pressure

2. “Cool” and “In” factor

3. Networking

4. Storage

Emphasis on number 4 by the way. I use these sites to archive photos and thoughts, keep those cheesy commentaries and testimonials preserved in the wonderful world of cyberspace.

But memories fade, we grow up and realize we want to forget and move on.  Besides, technology gets better and some sites just get left behind.

Good bye Multiply and Friendster. The memories have been squished dry: I’ve picked up the past, made the most out of them, used them to get where I am now, and I am finally ready to take on the future.  I am already too far out to keep looking back.

My photo is too dark for anyone to see. No awesome photographer boyfriend at this point.

I never got this Multiply theme to work properly. 😦


It was a fun run.

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