Lose myself

I’ve watched a bunch of useless shows in my day; my horrible taste for cartoons and other television programs probably contributed to my rather unstable (haha) psychosis today. I remember watching a montage show called Kablam! which, upon hindsight, had some of the most nonsensical television crap I have ever seen such as Prometheus and Bob, Life with Loopy, and Sniz and Fondue. The Off-beats was one of the more bearable features that had actual dialogue and a coherent storyline.

But while we’re on that subject, do you remember Action League Now!? It’s a Kablam! show about superhero dolls and action figures. The horrible summer heat mismatched with the El Niño phenomenon makes me feel like Meltman!

“With the power to … melt!”

I need my Thundergirl to make things better.

3 responses to “Lose myself

  1. thunder girl fly like thunder…

  2. i just remembered these shows now! 🙂 btw, i’ve bought your chicken na!

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