The best things in life are free!

It feels like yesterday when Sachi was dragging me by the hair at 6:30 in the morning. The Freshmen Orientation Seminar apparently waited for no one, even for sleepy bums like me (and the rest of my peers). After walking under the scorching sun, braving the crowd of yellow and red, and getting yelled at by an overly excited (yet amazing) TnT, I finally managed to find my seat and reluctantly slipped on the horribly unfashionable gigantic name tag. Mind you, no matter how large my name is written, people always find a way to mispronounce it much to my amusement and annoyance. Several blisters and sweat-stained shirts later, I realized that the campus was hot and wide and there were no men-worth-looking-at within a 50-mile radius anywhere.  So much for four years in Ateneo.

Okay, I’m only joking. It was me who dragged my sister, my human map, to the cockadoodling hours of the morning for my OrSem. I planned my yellow shirt weeks in advance for my first day of being Atenean and I love being soaked in the sun. At that point (and even until now), boys don’t really interest me that much. I loved my OrSem so much that I devoted two years into becoming a TnT, waking up even earlier  and being the “debilitator” of energy for the wearisome old freshmen.

After spending my mom’s hard-earned money, spent time paying attention in class, and wasting my well-deserved cuts, I can now throw my rented mortarboard in the air! Wheee! Adulthood, here I come!

*This is my last grad-related post although I might post photos of my actual graduation. I just had a bout of sentimentality after finished my clearance and viewing my grades. 😀

6 responses to “The best things in life are free!

  1. sasha!

    haha casual na lang yung kukunin ko sayo na grad pic! 😀

  2. congrats sasha!

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