I’m baaaack!

Okay, so I got back earlier than expected. Thank God for good time management and my crazy conviction to do everything in advance, I finished a few days earlier than planned. 

The end of my Theology Orals tells me that I am officially done with four years of miserable college life, 16.5 years of so-called academics–make that 16.5 years of captivity. I’ve paid my dues, tolerated the warden and now I can throw my notebooks, books, papers in the air without worrying about lecture notes for the next exam. Nothing beats the satisfaction of transferring my “School Second Sem 0910” folder into the derelict “PAST CRAP” section, knowing that the days of nailbiting, late nights, tolerating lazy-social-loafing-groupmates-who-shamefully-take-credit-for-other-people’s-hardwork are over! (Yes, my horrible group during my Th131 left a shard of glass in my heart).

All I need are my mortarboard, gown, and my wonderful boyfriend and family and I’m all set for the vast vast world of… work. 😐 >:D<

But that’s still a few months from now. 

A few words of bon voyage from my teachers:

Sir Lagliva: Ayun magpaganda ka na (mentioned after my final Philo orals when I used breaking up and prettifying after as an example for using kadiliman as sangkap sa kabuuan)

Ma’am Gari: (After my Guidance Interview) Please go see a doctor [for your weight loss].

Sir Liberatore: You’re free. Really good. The best I’ve heard all day (mentioned after my final Theo orals).


Wait for my next entry where I review all my teachers–from the sadistic slave-driving PE teachers to faculty who bring too much of their personal lives in the classroom… much to our dismay.

One response to “I’m baaaack!

  1. congratulations sasha

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