Paano na kaya?

kung ang inaasahang pelikula ng Star Cinema ay hindi kasing ganda nang inakala o pinalabas nila?

I haven’t written a proper review in a long time so bear with me on this one.


Filipino romantic comedies wear a disguise of so-called uniqueness  and twist to hide the sad fact that they are all the same. The sickeningly sweet-bordering-on-corny plot, the cheesier-than-cheese lines, the cheap banking on the most popular actors who can’t act to save their lives–that’s the formula. Oh and let’s not forget, the strange use of old Filipino love songs as the official movie soundtrack and title. No one got the memo that that stopped being witty 10 years ago. 

Directed by Ruel S. Bayani under Star Cinema, Paano na Kaya is no different from the traditional Filipino romantic movie that we’ve grown to love (laughing at) and hate. It tells the story of best friends Mae (Kim Chiu) and Bogs (Gerard Anderson). After Bogs breaks up with his longtime girlfriend (Melissa Ricks), Mae confesses that she is in love with him and after a few minutes of thinking, he realizes that he loves her too. 

Paano na Kaya promises a story of best friends falling in love with each other, something we haven’t seen since the Jolina-Marvin era. But after 20 minutes, the audience realizes that they have been deceived into watching a film they thought was about a romantic friendship. The movie seems to operate of several different storylines. In reality, Paano na Kaya unfolds the difficulties and insecurities that come with being a rebound girlfriend. But wait there’s more, there are also side stories of a dysfunctional family (Bogs’) and a pressured daugher proving her worth to a contemptuous father (Mae). Clearly, Bayani had a difficult time choosing between four amazing plots that he decided to roll them into one  and hope for an amazing film. 

What redeeming dramatic scenes that may have saved the hodgepodge were ruined by cheap cheesy lines. It even went to such extreme as using the age-old line, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Chiu and Anderson outdid themselves in this film. Can someone say “overacting”? Anderson dancing like crazy as he fixes his car just left the impression of a bad Grease impersonation while Chiu, who has proven to be an expert in crying on cue, only showed that she’s a good crybaby. While Anderson needs to practice his Filipino before taking on a role of a fluent Filipino speaker, Chiu just needs to practice talking. The slurred speech and strange, croaky voice are big enough distractions to deviate the audience’s attention from whatever acting talent she has. Only she can make the line “shinota mo ako eh, shinota mo ang best friend mo” sound even more crass that it already is.

The obviously forced hyperactive characters just left the audience feeling like they were watching an extended Enervon commercial, a product that both Chiu and Anderson endorse. Talk about product placement, both of them also seemed to have dove in a bin of Bench outfits and came out a colorful mess. Both are also known as Bench models. 

Paano na Kaya could have used more editing and thought. If the tandem wasn’t that popular, or rather, if the movie didn’t capitalize so much on the two’s pair-up, Chiu could have used a different leading man, one that matched her acting capability. Filipino directors should also try using just one unique storyline; it’s been provento be better than several cliches pasted together. 




Yes, I watch Filipino films but for reasons quite different from most of the industry’s squealing proponents.

2 responses to “Paano na kaya?

  1. *applause* Sayang, my sister wanted to watch the movie pa naman sana. I keep telling her not to. Hope this review convinces her. Haha. Ang sama ko.

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