Dearest you

Did you miss me Precious Blog? I sure missed you. In between composing crappy Philo answers, saving the world, and eating Froyo, I kept wishing I was just with my dear old laptop and writing to you instead. 

Fortunately I found a few extra minutes to blog before getting back to the decaying last Philo thesis statement that I’ve purposely forgotten in my desk yesterday.


I go back to that fateful 7:30 TTH Eco class–an hour and a half of blistering heat in that awful CTC classroom where the snores from my tired classmates, who discreetly chose to sit at the back, can barely drown out the the teacher’s monotone. The back of the room is a dead zone, only a call for a free cut is powerful enough to wake them up. Eco102D is the lone proof that a person can get an A just by starring at his watch the entire time; being attentive is not an imperative. It’s also the class that made me realize the potential of a minute. With sixty seconds, amazingly, I can still doodle, text, drink a can of Coke, poke Sel, and take a power nap. Once the hand (okay okay, I rely on digital watches but this sounds much more poetic) strikes 8:49, it’s enough to tell that the class is over. Even if the instructor is waving her hands in the air calling for a quiz, the class is already hustling–grabbing their knapsacks, texting friends for a late breakfast. It’s done, even if we get a zero in the quiz, it’ll be two days until the next anguish. Two more days to worry about the F.

It’s the same feeling now that there’s only a month left until I throw my mortarboard in the air. Thirty days feels like an eternity but I know it’s done. College is finished and it’s too early to worry about employment. 

😦 Boo


Meron meron meron meron. Tayo ay limitadong meron.

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