A very very belated post!

Before he became the Jason we know and love…

He was this cute wittel fat baaaaaby! And after painful surgery…

… he became vain. 😐


Happy birthday, Johnny Bravo! I luuurve you hahaha. Just think, you don’t look a day older than 22 years and 364 days. Besides, wisdom only comes with wrinkles. 



Jason never had a nose job (only liposuction–the only reason I can think of for his drastic weight loss last summer… that or sheer will power). His nose is just too perfect and there’s nothing we can do about it except be envious behind his back and point NOSE JOB.


One response to “A very very belated post!

  1. Thank you! I lurve youuu. Imma steal ur creation and post it in tumblr, its so cute!

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