Alas, I have found the perfect…

…punching bag.

1. Jason looks more Chinese than usual here. Awww. Chinese baby… one day left before 23-teen!

2. I sort of understand why it’s verboten to take photos of Ateneo institutions (as in those with a seal) but can someone smart explain why we can’t take photos of ourselves in Bellarmine Field apart from the excuse “Bawal e.” And you know, from this angle, you can’t even really tell that it’s Belfield. It just looks like your everyday dried grass! I demand to know why the no-SLR/dSLR rule covers even the identical-looking fields. At this point, the security guard just kept reiterating himself. Eventually I had to stop prodding him because he began saying that “kami po yung mapapagalitan.” Yes, he played with my conscience. But seriously, are we not allowed to take photos and preserve OUR memories of our wonderful university?!? We are… but we need to secure a permit for every day we spend taking photos. Such a modern society Ateneo is living in. Ms. de Pano must be horrified.

These guards have to know why such unjustified rules exist, after all they’re the ones people ask and if they can’t give a proper answer, the admin just opens themselves to needless rants and bashing  (e.g. what I’m doing now). And no, I can’t really be accused of giving the school a bad name. I’ve checked–I am simply giving them much needed constructive criticism.

3. Happy one day! Hahahaha. It’s the left cheek’s turn tomorrow!

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